• Reduce IT Costs.

    Ategan Technologies helps Olympia area businesses reduce IT support costs.

    Having outstanding technology support services does not have to break the budget. We create affordable, predictable support plans that enable your business to be successful.

  • Proactive Support.

    Most businesses in Olympia are familiar with reactive IT support. Your computer has a problem and you call someone to fix it. Ategan Technologies has a different approach.

    We will help your business prevent problems so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Plan for the Future.

    Technology is a tool that should help your business not hinder it. Planning for server upgrades, desktop purchases and integrating new technology takes time, resources, and specialized knowledge.

    Ategan Technologies has helped countless businesses in the Olympia area plan for future upgrades. We evaluate new hardware & software to help you make the right decision.
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    Phone: 360-528-3426

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    If you are already a Customer you can login to the Client Portal.

  • Free Service +

    Your Business may qualify for one month of FREE support services!

    We want to give you the opportunity to try us out. There is no obligation, no contract and no payment information required.

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Your Business will benefit from receiving support when it's needed, but not receiving an unexpected bill with confusing charges, confusing IT jargon, and no guarantee that the billable rates won't get out of control. The end result is that your Business will keep running smoothly and you will save money, have less IT issues, and know exactly what you will pay every month. Oh and by the way, you also benefit from having a complete IT department at a fraction of the price.

Our staff hold Microsoft Certifications and we have deployed and installed over 10,000 computers and countless servers. This experience will equate to a smooth upgrade or network installation for your business. Our goal is to make sure you get the best value you can and ensure that your business will have minimal downtime during a network upgrade or installation.

If you do not have someone managing, updating and configuring the device for you than chances are that you don't have a "true" firewall. Firewalls help ensure that your network is safe from unwanted access by securing your Business Network. They also protect your employees by limiting access to web content that is not appropriate for your Business or may be against your Internet Usage Policy. Firewalls also assist with increasing productivity by minimizing Employee internet use that is not critical to your Business needs.

Ategan Technologies has chose to become a Certified Xerox Partner so that we can offer a solution that is cost effective, reliable, environmentally friendly and hassle free. We will help reduce your printing cost and increase your efficiency so you can focus on your business. Call our office to find out more information.