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Network security is the best gift you can give your business this year.

While you are watching a loved one unwrap a Star Wars toaster ask yourself this question: "What gift did I give to my business this year?" The best gift you can give your business is also the one thing that is overlooked the most...Network Security. Hey, most of us have done our shopping at the last minute so it's not too late to make these network security changes before the year is over.

Three features in Microsoft Word that you need to know about!

Microsoft Word has been around a long time (since 1983 to be exact). If you compared Word version 1.0 with Word 2016 you wouldn't even think they are related. So many great features have been added to Word that they easily get lost within the program. Most people open it up and just start typing. Here are three features in Microsoft Word that you need to know about!

How to avoid the Pitfalls of Computer Support in your Dental Practice!

It would be rare today to find a dental practice that does not have computers. Most practices now have Digital X-Ray Machines, 3D scanning technology, digital charting, intraoral cameras and even technology automatically calling patients to remind them of appointments. With all of this technology it's no surprise that having reliable computer support available to you has become critical to the day to day operations of a dental office. There are a few Pitfalls though when it comes to getting the most out of your IT Support company.

This Could be the Best Feature in Outlook - Clutter

Like most of the world, when I use Microsoft Outlook it usually consists of checking email, replying to email and pretty much ignoring most of the other features (except for the calendar of course). There is a great feature that has been right in front of my face the whole time..."Clutter". Here is why it could be the best feature in Outlook:

Spooky stories from the Information Technology trenches. (A three-part scary series) - Part 3

It's great that you could drag your body back to our blog for part 3 of our scary series. If you tuned in for part 1 and 2 you know that something as simple as setting up a computer for a random stranger can be a scary experience (Insert evil laugh here). I made it through the first two experiences unharmed but they say, "third time's a charm". Will I make it out alive? Stay tuned to find out: