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An IT Support Company your City can trust.


City and Government industries need to be able to stay in touch with the community. The easiest way to do that now is through social media sites. Most places have web pages where you can go look up events and headlines about your city, but the quickest and easiest way to reach a wide range of people are through other sites such as Facebook, twitter and many other sites. This is bringing up a need for Social media archiving. Unlike email, capturing and documenting social media communications is hard.  Here at Ategan we will work on finding the best solution out there for you so all email and social media is archived should any need to retrieve it arise.

Public safety is also another factor for city and government. Ategan has experience working with software such as ONESolution (previously known as OSSI Public Safety Software Solution) Through their many services including; CAD, RMS and JMS we work with them to make sure all your emergency calls, critical communications and data is always at the ready for you.

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