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Data Compliance and priority response for your medical office.


We know your patient data is very important. That’s why we work to securely store your patient data so that it is compliant with HIPAA and HITECH technology laws. HIPPA compliance is mandatory for all dental and medical offices, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to know if all your data is being stored per their requirements. Ategan will be able to make sure all your requirements in data backup, virus protection and network management needs are met.

Working with Dental industries has given us experience in installing and supporting software such as Patterson Eaglesoft, Genesis, OrthoTrac, DSN Practice Management and many others. One of our clients just recently had a bulk order of new computers. The software they use for their dental equipment had specific requirements for them to function. We got in touch with software vendors from Patterson Eaglesoft and Genesis to make sure our techs had the latest installs and could integrate software like digidoc interoral cameras and Schick intraoral sensors with Patterson successfully.  

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