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Do you want to upgrade your current Exchange server? Do you want to look at taking your email into the cloud? Do you want to evaluate both options and see which one may be more cost effective for your business? These are things that we look at on almost a daily basis.


We have experience with industry specific software such as: EagleSoft, Alliance, PracticeWorks, DSN, ECW, ViewPoint, AudienceView, and more. We have worked with accounting packages such as PeachTree, Dynamics, MAS 90, QuickBooks, etc.

Our goal is to make sure you get the best value you can. We will ensure that downtime during a network upgrade or installation for your Olympia area business will be minimal. Getting a quote for network installation services is easy.

Network installation services to support your growing business.


Ategan has provided businesses in Olympia network installation services for over 13 years. Let's face it, sooner or later your network will need upgrades. The server will be out of warranty, software outdated, and the technology you currently utilize will become a risk and could hinder your business instead of help it.


Perhaps you are just starting a business and need some guidance for a new network installation. Maybe you know exactly what you want to upgrade and have even purchased the hardware and software. Whatever the case may be Ategan Technologies can help. 


Our staff hold Microsoft Certifications and we have deployed and installed over 10,000 computers and countless servers. This experience will equate to a smooth upgrade or network installation for your  business.

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