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We provide these Managed IT Services:

* IT Support Help Desk

* Managed Server Support

* Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

* Network Device Management

* Firewall Management

* IT Planning

* Network Reporting

* Anti-Virus Software

* Social Media Archiving

* Risk Management

* IT Consulting

* Email Archiving

* Printer Management

* Software Updates

* Security Assessments

A complete IT department for your business!


For almost 20 years Ategan Technologies, LLC has been providing a complete suite of Managed IT Services to Businesses in the Olympia, Tacoma and Chehalis area. Our services are designed to give your Business the support it needs while lowering your downtime which in turn will lower your IT costs.

Did you know that the purchase price of a computer makes up only about 15% of the actual cost over the lifetime of that computer? Management and Support of your Business Technology can be costly and confusing. There are so many companies in the Olympia area that offer IT Support Services, and so many different services to choose from. In order to eliminate the confusion, stress, and reduce costs we provide a suite of IT Services for one fixed monthly fee. We call these "Managed IT".

Olympia area businesses can finally budget for IT expenses and plan for future upgrades. You will benefit from receiving support when it's needed, but not receiving an unexpected bill with confusing charges, confusing IT jargon, and no guarantee that the billable rates won't get out of control. The end result is that your Business will keep running smoothly and you will save money, have less IT issues, and know exactly what you will pay every month. Oh and by the way, you also benefit from having a complete IT department at a fraction of the price. 

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