Is your fire district currently experiencing any of these challenges?

  • Running Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or older
  • Utilizing Firewalls over five years old
  • No strategic IT Plan in place
  • Do not have a true disaster recovery system implemented
  • Do not have visibility into the health of your network
  • Running older Server Operating Systems such as 2008 or 2003
  • Technology is not helping to reduce emergency response times
  • Have an in-house IT person with limited depth of knowledge
  • Do not have an IT Budget
  • Do not get the response time needed for emergency technical support
  • Cannot properly produce data needed for a public records request
  • You are paying more for an in-house IT person than it would cost to have Ategan as your IT Department

If you are facing any of these challenges or just want to evaluate your current situation please fill out the form for a free network evaluation.